4 Easy Tips for Your Small Business's Social Media Success
4 Easy Tips for Your Small Business's Social Media Success

Social media offers the unique opportunities for small businesses to connect to their fans like never before. Fans flock to social media to connect with friends and family as well as brands. Getting started on social media can be intimidating; however, we have 4 tips that will get your social media strategy up and running.

1. Know Your Market

As with any other form of marketing, traditional or otherwise it is necessary to know and understand who exactly you are marketing too. Social networks each have their own personalities and attract certain demographics more than others. Learning where your audience is will allow you to focus on your efforts on the social networks that will give you the best return on your time investment.

2. Use Your Tools

There are many tools that can make managing your social media accounts easier.  They can save you time and give you more abilities to focus your marketing efforts. Pre-planning posts and updates will help keep your social media accounts active, while you are running your business. Scheduled posts also allow you to target prime times to target your audience even if it’s after your business hours.

3. Have a Plan

It’s as important as knowing your market, you will want to have a plan for your social media usage. What are your goals? Do you want to drive foot traffic to your door or visitors to your site? Do you want to increase brand exposure? Or do you want to publicize your brand new product? A plan with achievable goals will help you keep on track and redirect your attentions to where you want them to be. You should also plan for the unexpected like social media crisis, hacked accounts, and angry customers.

4. Be Your Brand

Your business is unique. It has its own voice and personality. Use this to your advantage on social media! Boring and bland won’t cut it. Show your customers and fans your real brand, be that fun & quirky or stylish and sophisticated. Show it off and use it to your advantage. Develop a voice that’s true to your business and branding, and your fans will respond. There’s no room for faking it on social media, your fans will be able to sense it.

Your small business can benefit from social media. Follow these 4 tips and your business will be headed for a great start on social media. Setting up the foundation before you start will help you reach success and avoid costly mistakes. Do you have any other tips to share for small businesses just starting out on social media? Or stories of things you wish you had done differently when you were just starting out? Share them with us in the comments.