3 Things Yoga Can Teach You About Social Media
3 Things Yoga Can Teach You About Social Media

On the surface Yoga and social media seem incredibly dissimilar. However, a closer look reveals teachings one can easily apply from their yoga practice to managing their social media accounts. Of course if you not so into yoga, you can skip the practice entirely and skip right to the social media!

It's about the journey.

If you've attended even one yoga class you will know that what seems like a simple series of movements is in reality much more difficult. No one masters a pose over night. In yoga it's about the journey. The same can be said for social media. You won't gain 1000 followers over night; it takes time to perfect your posts to your audience's liking and to gain traction and exposure on a new social network. Focus on your social media journey.

You'll be challenged in unexpected ways.

Yoga can challenge you both mentally and physically. While clearing your mind and focusing only on breath seems like an easy thing to accomplish, try it for yourself and see how long it is before your mind is thinking of that email you must respond to or wondering what's for lunch. Social media will also challenge you in unexpected ways. A new algorithm is released, trolls pop up, or that much anticipated campaign falls completely flat. These challenges must be overcome and faced as they happen, and through them you will learn and improve.

Be in the moment.

Yoga teaches you to pay attention to the here and now. In social media it's far too easy to get caught up in the future. Future plans and future posts all compete for your time and energy. What about the here and now? Responding to your fans and followers now is what is important. Without them your future is uncertain. Take care not to get distracted from the current state of your social media accounts. Are your followers getting the attention they deserve? Or are your efforts focused in the future, forgetting those who have gotten you to where you are today?

You don't need to be a yogi to take these tips and apply them to your own social media usage!