3 More Things You're Still Doing Wrong on Social Media | lolsmg.com
3 More Things You're Still Doing Wrong on Social Media | lolsmg.com

You're on social media, you are tweeting, updating and sharing all the awesome content you find on the web. You're connecting with influencers and customers alike and everything is going great! Or is it? Are these common social media mistakes holding you back from true social media greatness?

1. Your Twitter is Linked

...to Facebook....to Pinterest...and to any other social network that autoposts content that links back to that social network on Twitter.  Yes, it can be argued that you are expanding your content's reach across those other platforms you also might be annoying a large segment of your Twitter audience. No matter if you are on mobile or desktop there's nothing more annoying than being asked to log in to another social network view the link you just clicked on.

Instead of linking your accounts so they autopost, optimize your content for the network you are on. It may be more work, but it will be worth it in the end with a more engaged and happier audience.

2. Your Updates Post All At Once

Check your autopost settings! No one wants to see 10 posts within 2 minutes about your latest blog post because you have IFTTT, Twitter connected to Facebook, connected to LinkedIn, connected to Google+ and Buffer all posting a link to your latest post. Please, check your settings. You only need to update Twitter about your latest blog post once at a time. Yes, three tweets is great to hit all of your Twitter followers, but only if those tweets are spread out over 24 hours.

3. You Auto DM

Few things are as annoying to Twitter users as the auto DM.  It's impersonal, and generally not interesting. Thanking someone for a follow is great, if it's done with a personal approach. Unfortunately there's nothing personal about an auto DM, especially when it's merely an ad for your latest e-book, seminar, or product.  Interact with your tweeps like the real people they are and give them a genuine thank you if they follow you, save the DM for actual conversation.

Everyone makes mistakes; however, learning from those mistakes will carry you forward and help you improve.  Avoid these mistakes and you can be on your way to using social media like a pro.  Looking for even more social media mistakes to avoid? You can find them here.