3 Tips to Successfully Work With Your Social Media Manager | lolsmg.com
3 Tips to Successfully Work With Your Social Media Manager | lolsmg.com

You've taken the step and hired someone to manage your social media. Just think of all that you will accomplish with your new free time, and the expansion of your social media influence in the hands of a professional!  Before you throw away the reins completely here are 3 tips to ensure you get the most from your new social media manager.

1. Have a Plan

Your community manager should be able to help you develop a plan that will help you accomplish your goals.  They will be more able to give you the performance you desire if they are aware of what goals you have.  From promoting your latest film or product, to growing brand advocates keep them up to date on your goals as they develop and what you desire to achieve from using social media.  Goals and outcomes can change over time, so it’s important to keep this plan updated and current.  Revisit this  plan at regular intervals to determine your progress and look to the future.

2. Communicate

Keep your community manager updated on your plans.  Let them know about events beforehand so they can help get the word out on your social media channels.  Let your social media manager be your ally in building excitement, and anticipation for your big announcements! The more you communicate with your manager and help them understand you, your brand, and your goals the more they will be able to accurately represent you and your brand on social media.

3.  Trust Your Manger

As with any relationship, trust is paramount.  Trusting your social media manager is important. They need your trust & support so they can help build your social media community and reputation.  That's not to say you should trust blindly, but let them use the tools and ingenuity they need to be successful.

Working with a social media manager can be very beneficial for you and your brand. However, it's not a one way street.  A great relationship with your manager will help your social media networks swell & grow.