3 Overlooked Methods of Controlling Your Facebook Feed
3 Overlooked Methods of Controlling Your Facebook Feed

There's no shortage of complain when it comes to the Facebook News Feed. Users want to see the content they think is important and brands want users to see their Page's posts. However, you don't have to sit back and just let Facebook dictate to you what is shown in your News Feed. Here are three features that are all too often overlooked to help you take control of your Facebook News Feed.

The Pages Feed:

Ever want to see just the updates from the Pages you follow? This is how you do it! Visit the Pages feed to get all the updates from all of the Pages you follow. Here users can view updates from only the Pages they follow, without competition from other users, games or groups. The Pages feed is listed in the Pages section on the left hand side of your News Feed. If you own Pages it will be right below those Pages you own.

Interests Lists

Like Twitter, Facebook gives users the ability to create curated lists. Users can create lists of Pages they'd like to see and even organize them by topic. Add users and Pages to specific lists to view only those accounts. Interest Lists are located on the left hand side of your News Feed or just find them here. Create your own Interest Lists or use the pre-generated ones.

Friends Lists

Friends Lists give you the option to sort your News Feed by relationship to your friends. Pre-generated options include Close Friends, and Family. You can add, remove and edit the existing lists to customize them. These lists are also closely tied to your privacy settings. This gives you the options to post status updates to only certain groups of people (perfect for planning that surprise birthday party!).

You don't have to settle for the generic Facebook News Feed. There are other options you can use to customize your News Feed to show you the content you want to see. If you are unhappy with your current News Feed, don't just sit back! Take control! Do you have any other tips for improving what you see in your Facebook News Feed? Share them with us in the comments!