3 Mobile Social Media Tips
3 Mobile Social Media Tips

Mobile marketing can help any business be more successful.  However, how much attention do you pay to mobile social media?  More and more users are accessing social media, especially Facebook on thier mobile devices.  Referrals from Facebook mobile have grown 253% from September 2012 and September 2013! It's more important than ever to keep your mobile users in mind when posting to social networks, so here are some tips to up your mobile social media game.

1. Use mobile social media networks.

Using mobile social networks like Instagram as part of your social media marketing has it's own benefits.  However, when it comes to mobile it allows you to connect with your mobile users on the go, and on a platform they love.   Show off your mobile & creative skills and stay up to date with the latest mobile social apps.

2. Craft Content for Each Social Network.

Mobile social networks apps don't always display content in the same way their desktop counterparts do, like Facebook for example.  It's important to understand the differences and know how your content is coming across so that you can provide your users with a great experience.

LPT (Life Pro Tip): Always have a post pinned to the top of your feed on your Facebook Page. Your mobile users will always see it.  Mobile Facebook users will not see your page's entire feed.

3. Ensure landing pages are optimized for mobile.

It should go without saying, but it's worth repeating: ensure your landing pages are optimized for mobile! There's nothing more disappointing for a users than being directed from their mobile social network to a landing page that looks terrible on their device or even worse, is completely unusable.  There's no getting around it, mobile or responsive sites are now a necessity.

Social media & mobile are a great combination. Users know this and are using their social networks on their mobile devices.  Smart marketers also know this, and can use mobile social media to reach their customers where ever they go. Do you have any more tips to reach mobile social media users? Share them with us in the comments!