11 Tips to Become a Pinterest Power User | lolsmg.com
11 Tips to Become a Pinterest Power User | lolsmg.com

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks out there. It also drives thousands of visitors to sites every single day.  You can harness the power of this visual social network by learning what it takes to become a Pinterest power user.  Follow these 11 tips to expand your reach and drive traffic to your site through the power of Pinterest.

1.  Verify Your Account

The verification process is easy and Pinterest walks you through it.  Once your site is verified you'll see a lovely little check by your website URL on your profile.  Why verify? It is one of the easiest ways to improve your accounts legitimacy.

2.  Apply for Rich Pins on Your Site

Rich pins stand out from the crowd giving your brand more prominence.  It's easy to add rich pins to your site, in face if you are using one of the popular WordPress SEO plugins on your site, you may already have the code in place for rich pins!

3. Monitor Your Analytics

Pinterest provides some analytics data if you are a business account.  Use this data in conjunction with your own referral data to track what pins perform the best so that you can optimize future pins or improve under performing ones.

4. Use Descriptions

From board descriptions to pin descriptions, make sure you fill those out! Keywords and hashtags in your descriptions will help Pinterest users find your pins through search.  Use calls to action on your pins to drive even more referral traffic to your site.

5. Categorize Boards Properly

Isn't it annoying when you find a mis-categorized pin?  While it may annoy some users, mis-categorized pins do nothing to help the brand who pinned it.  Users searching or browsing for specific categories won't be able to find that recipe if it's listed under technology.  Help users find your boards and by extension pins, easily by using the correct category for them.

6. Complete Your Profile

This should go without saying. Fill out your complete profile, including your other social media accounts.  Give users easy access to find your other social profiles and link to your website. Use a profile picture that's in keeping with your branding across other social networks. Full, complete profiles are also a hallmark of a true, legitimate account. Don't let users mistake you for a fake account!

7. Use Group Boards

Group Boards can help build engagement and interest in your brand. Just remember to use them wisely. Invite users to your group board who you know will pin quality content. Just as a great group board can be beneficial, a poor group board can hurt your reputation. No one want's to be associated with spammers!

8. Optimize Your Images for Pinterest

When posting content from your site ensures the images are optimized for Pinterest. This includes image size and the design of the image used.  Remember, Pinterest is all about the images. Having great images can be the difference between success and mediocrity!

9. Leave Useful Comments

Interact with the Pinterest community via comments! Build your own community of fans and strike up conversations.  Remember your comment manners though! As with commenting elsewhere on the internet, spammy low quality comments won't do you any favors. High quality, thoughtful comments are always best!

10. Make Pinning Your Images Easy

Ensure that visitors to your site are able to easily pin directly from your site.  This includes ensuring all posts have images that are worthy of Pinterest as well as utilizing any one of the numerous plugins & widgets available to make social sharing quick & easy for your site's visitors.

11.  Be Active...But Don't Binge Pin

It can be oh so tempting to pin all of your pins in one big binge.  Avoid that temptation!  Space out your Pinterest activity so that you avoid long periods of inactivity and periods of very high activity. Moderation is important to ensure a steady flow of eyes on your pins.  Don't overwhelm your followers, or let them forget you exist!