Stop Making These Rookie Social Media Mistakes


We all make mistakes. Especially on social media, it's only normal to have missteps along the way. There are some mistakes though, that have "rookie" written all over them. Even if you're new to social media, some mistakes that have us screaming "you should know better." Here's your chance to actually know better. 


1.     All Caps

NO ONE LIKES TO BE YELLED AT. Did you get that? Probably not. Likely due to the fact it is so incredibly distracting (read: irritating) to be spoken to in all caps. To be fair, this is a mistake commonly made by small businesses that are new to social media; but it is ever-present and baffling nonetheless. Even if you are just starting out, a little bit of research in the form of a simple Google search of "social media strategies" can go a long way. The irony here is that though you think you are coming across loud and clear, your audience is not hearing your message at all. All caps does not help to convey enthusiasm; it makes you look crazy.


2.     Low Quality Photography

Let’s first give credit where credit is due: If you are taking the initiative to use your own photos to mix it up on your social feeds then you are already ahead of the pack. Clearly you recognize that little personality mixed with a powerful visual can go a long way. Though, it is also important that you are considering the quality of these photos, being they are direct reflection on you and your business literally. You might not have the budget or the time for top-notch photography and you know what? That’s completely okay. Smartphones nowadays are packing some pretty impressive cameras with some amazing editing apps to boot. Don’t just upload the latest blurry snap without a second glance. Why? It says “I don’t care.”

3.     Empty Bio Fields

Believe it are not, there are still individuals and businesses out there that refuse to use the bio section of the social profiles. Masochistic? Maybe. Within each network, you have been gifted a space of varying size to introduce yourself and tell people why they should be interested in what you have to say. So why are people still not utilizing this prime real estate? It's a mystery. Not only is your bio the cornerstone to your identity across networks, but it also factors in to your SEO throughout the web. Where we don't have the luxury of a full website, we have a bio to fill in the missing pieces. If you are unable to answer the simple question of "who am i?" in a few short sentences, then you definitely don't deserve a follow. 


4.  Auto-DMs

I thought we all agreed auto-DMs on Twitter are the absolute worst. Yes? Then why are our inboxes flooded day in and day out with impersonal greetings and self-proclaimed grandeur? Apparently even top marketers are still using them as another inside track to their audience and you know what? We get it. If there is another possible gateway to get someone to visit your site, follow on another network, or download your whitepaper for lead capture, then why not use it? Who are we to say it's 100% wrong if there is even a minuscule amount of return on the practice?

What we do know is that auto-DMs widely create mistrust and many businesses can't afford to alienate an already small audience. Are DMs off the table completely? Absolutely not. Just try the alternative. Make an authentic connection via genuine conversation and THEN take the connection a step further. Social media is demanding and we're constantly looking for ways to maximize our time  but some steps shouldn't be eliminated. It could cost you a customer.


Social media can do more harm than good when not used correctly. The good news is, if you can avoid these rookie mistakes, you're already off to a great start. Need some help avoiding missteps in your own social media strategy? We've got your back! Get in touch today!