Facebook users may have noticed a new feature on their friend's feed.  A 2012 Year in Review photo gallery that pulls photos that a users has posted over the year.  Clicking on it in your friends feed will bring you to the gallery which cycles through a years worth of notable photos. It also gives users the option to create their own 2012 Year in Review.

Scroll down from the 2012 Year in Review and you will see a timeline view of notable events that a user has posted over the year, complete with pictures, place check ins, and comments/likes.  You also get an overview of how many new friends a user has added over the year as well as the pages a user has liked over the years.

Scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the timeline users will find a link to the Facebook Trends of 2012.  Here you can find events, public figures, books, sports, technology and all other trends around the world as well as in different locales.

Want to see your year in review? Then just click this link!

Note: We tried using the Year in Review as a page and it didn't work and returned a "Page not found" error. Sadly this only works for individual users, not pages.  If you'd like to see LOLSGM's year head over to our page and take a peek at our Timeline.