Myspace was once at the top of the social networking scene. It's fall is a cautionary tale for all social media networks.  Users can be fickle and the new kid on the block can woo them away leaving nothing but an empty shell.  Myspace has struggled to hold on and has turned their downfall into a chance to reinvent it's self.  The new Myspace fills the music based social network niche.  Though not without controversy, music is a constant focus of the reborn social media network.

Lets take a look at the new Myspace!


The first thing you will surely notice is how nice it looks.  The new design is clean and modern from the very first account creation screens to the new profiles.  To created an account you can log in with an existing social network account like Facebook or Twitter, use your email address or import an existing old Myspace account.


After the usual username and basic info selection new users are presented with a chance to customize their experience based on identity.


From there it's on to the welcome screen. Here you can fill out all the details you want including a simple option to make your accounts privacy either public or restricted.  Note the music bar on the bottom, it's a mainstay of the new Myspace experience.


Once the account details are filled in users are brought to their home page with shows their stream.  Users may view their connections updates, their library of music, find new people to add and more.


The new user profiles are nothing like the .gif filled, eye straining old Myspace profiles. The clean modern look encompasses the new profiles in a cohesive style consistent with the rest of the site. Notice on the right side of the page the conjoined circles (that look very similar to Google+'s circles). These show a users connections. The right also displays the users information like location, and bio.

A unique feature of Myspace's new layout is it's horizontal scroll. The majority, if not all other social networking (and most other) sites use the vertical scroll. Myspace has gone in the unique horizontal scroll option. Users streams will come into view from the right to the left of a users screen.

The music bar at the bottom allows users to create playlists, listen to radio stations, and discover new artists and create and share music mixes.

Have you tried the new Myspace?  Share your thoughts about it in our comments. We'd love to hear what you think of the newly redesigned social network and how you think it will compete with Facebook and the rest of it's rivals.