Have you ever been looking over your Facebook feed only to see that little birthday reminder in the upper right? No? Of course not, everyone always remembers all their friend's birthdays without the aide of Facebook. Facebook birthday wishes may come from a good place but they don't have the same personal impact as a face to face encounter.  The iOS app Cleverbug is poised to change this.


Cleverbug allows users to choose from their friend's photos to create a unique and personalized birthday card.  Users can choose from a variety of templates provided by Cleverbug, then add a photo from their friend, or a photo they take on the spot.

The cost of a card from Cleverbug is around the same as a traditional greeting card from a store, however the app it's self is free.

Will you try Cleverbug? Do you think it makes a Facebook birthday wish more personal? Let us know in the comments!