Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for your website. In fact, it may affect your search engine rankings more than you realize. If you haven’t already mastered how to use social media to your advantage, fine-tuning your Facebook strategy is a great place to start.

Here are the top reasons why Facebook fanpages lack engagement from their audience as well as strategies for improvement:

Facebook Marketing

It’s not all about YOU. Your audience does not want to hear about your company’s products or services all the time.

Of course you want to draw traffic to your site using Facebook, but screaming at your followers “Look at me! Look at me!” is not the right approach.

This means, you want to share stories from other sites that are related to your niche that you think your followers would be interested in. Not only does this catch the attention of your page members, but it could open up new connections with professionals in your industry.

While you are capable of drawing traffic to your site through Facebook by showing off your own content, providing your audience with content from a mixture of sources makes you a valued voice for your niche.

Ask your followers a question. If you want input from your audience ask for it.

Often times, many of us do not like to add our thoughts if it is not asked for. If you notice that your page members are not engaged with what you have to say, ask them about how they feel.

Successful fanpages do this all the time. They ask their followers how did they feel about the new product that they launched, how do they feel about a popular story that has been shared within their niche, and sometimes they even just ask, “How are you feeling today?”

Asking questions, in particular open-ended ones are the best way to show that your business has a personal side, and it keeps your community active.

Add variety to the content that you post. No one wants to see the same old thing over and over again.

Especially with the new Facebook timeline feature, you are given the perfect opportunity to add variety to your content. This keeps your community excited, versus giving them a boring and predictable experience.

Post interesting photos that you think that your audience will enjoy, new videos, interesting articles, and of course make room to promote your own content. Your audience will enjoy the variety and you will see a big difference in the response that you get from your followers.