Is your Facebook page awesome? Are you getting the quality interactions, and new fans you want? No? There's room for improvement you say? Here are 5 tips to make your Facebook page awesome.

5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Page Awesome

1. Post Useful Content

People love seeing useful things on their feeds. Tips, tricks, hints, recipes, how to's anything that makes their lives better or answers a question or concern they may have had.  This also involves asking questions, not just questions for the sake of asking a question, but ones that drive a true conversation.

2. Respond!

There's nothing more frustrating for a fan than when the Page doesn't respond to them. If you have a large number of fans you may not be able to respond to every comment/question but do try your best. Make sure your responses are timely, this is especially important for matters of customer service. Don't leave your customer hanging for days wondering how to fix the glitch they encountered in your app! That customer probably wont' be very happy by the time you do get around to it. You wouldn't do that to a customer in your brick and mortar store would you?

3. Post When Your Audience is Active

There are many tools you can use to monitor when your fans are most active. Maybe you have lots of UK based fans, or West Coast USA fans. Maybe fans come in spurts, the East Coasters then West Coasters then Asia. Use a service like Buffer or Facebook's own timed posts to give your audience the information they want whey they are active. This also prevents your content from being buried under everything else.  Just be careful, no one likes a spammer!

4. Images FTW

Images drive engagement. Everyone loves eye catching images. Choose your images wisely and include them in all your posts.  Don't forget the photo gallery feature, share behind the scenes photos, your new product or service, or maybe just the awesome view from the office. Photos aren't just for Instagram and Pinterest!

5. Enhance Your Page

Remember #4, Images? Don't forget to add them to the rest of your page as well. This means making sure you have selected a great Timeline cover, User Photo, and app tabs.   Your app tabs can feature products, services or promotions that you'd like to draw your fans attention to. Make your page stand out from the rest and truly reflect your brand by choosing appropriate images.   Don't forget to take advantage of other options like Pinning an important or noteworthy post to the top of your stream, or highlighting your best posts.

Your Facebook Page can be awesome, but it will take some hard work and time.  Or you could let LOLSMG do the hard work for you.  Let our 5 tips get you on the path to having a great Facebook page. Do you have a tip to share? Let us know in the comments!