The team here at LOLSMG is committed to helping our clients strengthen and expand their fan base. So here are our top 5 favorite tips to engage your fans:

1. Exclusive Content

Fans love getting a sneak peek behind the scenes, whether it's at a gig, on the set or just chilling with your friends and family. They want to see see the real you, and be the first to get all the latest info.

2. Multimedia FTW!

Not everyone loves a wall of text, most don't actually. What does everyone like? Photos, images, graphics, and videos. With services like Vine and Instagram, it's easier than ever to give your fans quick videos, and photos that they can't help but share with all their friends.

3. Interact!

You love your fans right? And they love you! It can be overwhelming to reply to or reach out to everyone (though LOLSMG can totally help with that) but a simple RT from you could mean the world to them. Feeling stuck on that new song? Uninspired? Need an idea? Look to your fans! They are full of inspiration and would love to help you out!

4. Update Regularly

Fans love updates!  Yes, you are busy and there's the super secret project you are working on but you really can't tell anyone about it. Your fans still want to know what you are up to! Don't leave them hanging! Even if it's brief, regular updates will keep them engaging with you and excite them about your current and future projects!

5. Be Yourself :D

Yeah, it's kinda cliche, but it's the truth! Your fans love you for you! So don't be someone you aren't. Being the awesome you is what it's all about, no matter if it's on Twitter, Facebook or your website, it's all about you and who you are. So keep it real!

Have any more tips to engage your fans? What has been successful (or unsuccessful) for you? Let us know in the comments!