How to Stay on Top of the Latest SEO News & Trends
How to Stay on Top of the Latest SEO News & Trends

It's no secret that the field of search engine optimization (SEO) changes daily. Keeping up to date on the latest trends, on what to do and equally important what not to do can be a challenge. However there are great resources and tips that will keep you and your site’s SEO on the right track.

Go To Resources

These resources are some of the best places online to get the latest SEO news, updates, tips and information. They are must use resources for any SEO or website owner who wishes to know more.

MOZ - You may remember them as SEO MOZ, they have however, rebranded to simply MOZ. They are one of the best resources for all things SEO. They feature news, case studies and more.

Search Engine Land - The name says it all. Search Engine Land has information covering all topics relating to search engine optimization, including the latest SEO news and developments.

Search Engine Watch - SEW often features more advanced content geared to the SEO professional however, they are still an awesome resource for all things SEO. They cover the latest news, as well as insight into case studies and more.

Matt Cutts - If you want information on SEO there's no better source than Matt Cutts. He's the spokes person for Google and the go to source for clarification on Google's stance on many SEO topics from guest blogging to proper rel=nofollow usage. If you want authority, this is where you go to find it.

Common Sense SEO Guidelines For Success

Google's algorithms will continue to change and develop. This is something all website owners will all have to deal with. Depending how you approach this dilemma it can set you up for success or future disappointment. The best course of action is to simply provide great, quality content. This is the content that Google and all other search engines, want their users to see. However, try to game the system or use shady tactics, and you will eventually get caught out. Play it safe, give your visitors, clients and customers the quality information they want and you'll stay on the search engine's good sides.

Of course, staying on top of the latest SEO trends does require a certain amount of time and effort. Those SEO articles won't read themselves! If you are a busy business person with a million other things to do in your day (like we know you are) that might not always be possible. Fortunately there are alternatives to doing it all yourself!  If you need SEO help there are teams of SEO professionals just waiting to help you out.