SEO: Fact or Fiction? |
SEO: Fact or Fiction? |

Are your SEO strategies current? Or are you stuck in the past using old, outdated strategies that are actually harming your rankings? We take a look at some common SEO strategies and determine if they are more fact or fiction.

Guest Posting is Dead.

Fiction.  Guest posting (when done correctly) is far from over.  A valuable guest post will feature original, high-quality content. If your guest posts consist of mass emailed, keyword heavy, keyword optimized, link filled, low quality content— then yes — those practices in particular are over. However, legitimate guest posts still carry value!

Article Directories Will Help Your SEO.

Fiction. Throw this one out the window. Don't just take my word for it — Google's own Matt Cutts says it himself. Don't waste your time or effort submitting articles to article directories for SEO benefits. It simply will not help.

Keywords are Dead.

Fiction. While it's true keywords aren't the end-all be-all of SEO that they once were, they still have their rightful place. Used sparingly and in a natural way, keywords will assist your SEO efforts.

SEO is Dead.

Fiction. SEO is changing. But really, SEO always has been a fast changing field. It is the way SEOs go about their daily business that will continue to change over time. The changes to semantic search and ever-changing search engine algorithms will always mean there are new techniques to learn, develop and cultivate. SEO may change over time, but don't call it dead just yet.

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