The One Quick Fix that Will Instantly Improve Your Social Media Engagement

What if I told you there was one quick action you could take to instantly improve your social media marketing? What if that one simple action could build community, engagement and customer loyalty, would you do it? Of course you would! Intrigued? It’s really quite simple; all you have to do is respond.

The simple act of responding to your social media fans and followers will help you build a community around your brand as well as engagement. There are two times it’s particularly important to respond to your fans and followers. The first is when you ask a question and they respond. If you are taking the time to ask the question, you must take the time to respond to the answers given! How else is a conversation continued? Have you ever responded to a brand on Twitter or Facebook only to be ignored? Let’s be honest, you were a little disappointed weren’t you? You thought a little less of the brand, perhaps? That’s exactly how your fans feel! Disappointed fans will not be the loyal brand advocates you desire! So keep those fans happy!

The second time it’s important to respond is when a fan has a question, concern, or issue about your product or service. Depending on what it is, it may not be something you respond to publicly, taking it to private messages or email is certainly appropriate. Answering questions about your services or products gives you the opportunity to increase the likely hood of a sale and customer satisfaction. Would you ignore a customer in your store who is asking about a product? No, of course not! A customer who calls your store? No! So why do it online? Customer service is something that you have complete control over. Provide great customer service no matter the platform and your customers, and potential customers will be happy and keep coming back for more.

Responding is half of the battle, there’s also the issue of timing. How fast to your online fans want a response? The faster the better! Nearly half want responses within the hour! The majority expect a response within 24 hours.  Have a plan in place for how you will deal with comments, questions and responses and be prepared to answer them promptly – even after business hours.

Don’t let talk of dwindling social media engagement get you down. Your social media marketing efforts can be successful, even in the days of falling reach and changing algorithms. Take control of your social media responses, and give your fans the attention they crave. It takes only a few moments to respond to a comment, even an action such as a like or a favorite can show your social media fans that you are out there and you do care about them. If your social media is struggling, or if you want to take it to the next level, take a look at your responses. Commit to your fans, and never leave them hanging, waiting for a response!

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