Memes Vs Articles: What Facebook's Latest Changes Mean for Your Page
Memes Vs Articles: What Facebook's Latest Changes Mean for Your Page

Brand pages are in an uproar about Facebook's latest changes to how the Timeline will display page posts.  Lets take a look at what these changes actually are and what they mean for you.

Memes are Out

First and foremost memes are out.  What Facebook means by "memes" is pretty specific and I'm sure you'll agree it's better for everyone. Memes in this case don't necessarily mean LOLCats & Grumpy Cat, but instead the "Like if you *insert a cause or thing here everyone obviously likes unless they are a terrible person*" posts.  This won't impact the majority of pages, as you weren't doing this...right? Does this mean you can't post images anymore? No. Fear not,  you can still post images. You can even include calls to like or comment on these photos. However, they should not be the only type of content you post.

Articles are In

This is actually great news for anyone who produces or curates quality content. Facebook now will be placing more emphasis on quality articles.  This means it's more important than ever to produce & curate content that is meaningful and helpful for your audience.  Remember, the key to social media is all about building relationships. A great way to do just that is to help people out.

But My Reach Is Down!!!

First, it's okay! Really.  Many pages (but not everyone) are up in arms as their reach is down and now they feel pressured to purchase ads.  Before you shell out money for ads take a moment to go a bit deeper into your stats.  Your reach is down, but how are your other stats? Are fans still engaging? Are you still getting referral traffic from Facebook? Remember, Facebook is increasingly tuning their algorithm to show people the content they interact with most, which is presumably the content they want to see most (right? if you interact with it, you want to see it). Makes sense.  They are also bumping older content that may have been overlooked, so you may end up waiting longer to see results in your stats.

Unfortunately, not everyone who likes your page actually wants to see what you have to say (remember, your follower numbers aren't the most important stat). After-all, the number one reason people follow brands on social media is for discounts. This leaves your page with a number of fair weather fans who won't interact with your page. While it may be possible to convert them, a better ROI might be achieved from building relationships with the hard core fans you already have.

That might be little comfort in the face of declining reach there are actions you can take to improve your reach. Stay tuned for the next blog to find out what steps you can take to improve your reach and connect with your fans.