Believe it or not we are getting very close to the halfway point of 2014. With 2015 on the horizon it's time to make sure your business is on the right track. Happy customers can only help your business. With these fast paced times, are you aware of what your customer wants? Do you understand their lifestyle? If not now is the time to act! Here we can take a look at what your future customers will expect and how your business can rise to meet their expectations to keep your customers happy!

Your 2015 customer is always connected. Because of this they always are on social media looking for the latest and greatest. They also are opinionated. Good or bad they will share their thoughts on your business with their friends and family on social media. These reviews are likely to be brutally honest. While it may be painful to hear, you can use this information to better your business and make improvements.

Think they don't care about your company's core values? Think again. 88% think that your business should be part of making the world a better place both socially and environmentally.

Your customer also cares about value. They will shop around and showroom to get the best value. This doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest option, but they want the option that will get them the best bang for their buck. If you offer an extra service with the purchase of your product or free shipping they will surely notice. Customers also want their products now. They want control over how they receive them, in store pickups or fast direct shipping are both popular options.

When it comes to ads they just don't care. Most of your customers will just glaze over if they seeds ads online. 75% also don't believe in the truthfulness of those ads. Instead they prefer information from other sources that show how your company has authority and really is the best choice for them. For businesses this means that content marketing will continue to be a very important of aspect of digital marketing!

Your 2015 customer has the potential to be very loyal. 89% rely on the same brands. If you are able to give a customer a great experience chances are they will keep coming back for more and you will have earned a long term customer. As a business what more do you want? Loyal customers are the backbone of a successful brand.

Is your business ready for the customer of 2015?

Infographic: Your Customer in 2015
Infographic: Your Customer in 2015