You've perfected your copy on your social media posts, but what attention have you paid to the colors in those posts? Do you know which colors your audience prefers? What colors are best for sales? Or what colors will get you the most repins?

Don't overlook color anymore! It can be a valuable ally in your social media marketing endeavors. It's no secret that people prefer visuals, the success of visual social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram are proof of this. Posts with visuals on Facebook and Twitter also get more interactions than those without.

You can actually use color to target your ideal demographics. Keep in mind different regions will have different color preferences. For example the United States favorite colors are blue and green, while Portugal prefers blue and white. Men and women also have different color preferences. These color preferences also change for different age groups. Children prefer green (boys) and purple (girls), young adults prefer blue and green, adults like blue and older adults like blue and red.

Social Media networks also have their own favored colors as well. Pinterest loves red which leads to 2x repins than colors that feature blue. Instagram on the other hand loves blue, which leads to 24% more likes than images that feature red. Pinterest also loves images that feature multiple colors. Colorful images get 3.25 more repins than those that do no feature multiple colors. Instagram on the other hand loves images with only one dominant color. Images with one dominant color get 17% more likes than those images with multiple colors.

Different colors also have different psychological impacts. Reds are great for attention-grabbing purposes like sales or specials. Black is seen as luxurious and blue, due to its wide appeal across gender, age groups and locations, is a great color for mass appeal. Using the right colors to convey the feelings you wish to project in your visuals is a great way to reach your audience.

Don't over look the color choices you make in your online visuals. Color plays just as important role as the copy you choose, or the overall design of your visuals. Good use of color, copy and design will assure your visuals are irresistible to your audience.