6 Myths of Social Sharing

When it comes to social media there are no shortages of myths and misinformation. Falling prey to these either outdated or misinformed information can end up preventing your social media marketing from reaching its potential. Here are 6 common social sharing myths that have been busted to ensure your social media marketing is operating at peak efficiency.

Myth 1: Most content sharing happens on Facebook and Twitter.

Reality: 72% of shares come from copy & paste activity, most of which is done on iOS mobile devices.

Actions: Ensure your site is mobile friendly. Don't limit your social media sharing to only Facebook and Twitter.

Myth 2: All social links are clicked on the same amount.

Reality: Brands with a shortened vanity domain get 25% more click volume than non-shorted or other link shortening services (ex: bit.ly or go.gl).

Action: Use a vanity link shortener domain to increase clicks and brand awareness.

Myth 3: Content posted through shortened urls has a similar lifespan no matter when or where it was posted.

Reality: Shortened link lifespans increase as the week goes on, and peaks on Thursdays.

Action: Post important content early in the week to give it time to grow and peak.

Myth 4: Interactions and engagement peak on weekends, when fans have more free time.

Reality: 49% more engagement happens with content on the weekends, however this does not apply to all industries! Sports see four times more action on Mondays and Tuesdays! Users are also 10 times more likely to click on food or recipe related content on Thursdays over Saturday.

Action: Know your target audience and their behaviors, they may not necessarily be more active on the weekends.

Myth 5: Millennials engage with brands most.

Reality: Users 55-65 engage with brands the most on social media over all devices and operating systems.

Action: Don't assume social media only the territory of the young! Make sure your content also appeals to the older users as well.

Myth 6: Facebook offers the best referrals.

Reality: Twitter offers the best referrals.

Action: Run your own tests to see where most of your referrals are generated. Pinterest is often the leading referral driver for many brands that are active on it. Know where your fans hang out and reach out to them there.

Don't be fooled by social sharing myths. When in doubt trust your own analytics, data and experiences. Every brand and businesses audience is different, guidelines and generalizations should be used as guides but not as holy writ. Do you know of any other social media myths in need of busting? Share them with us in the comments!

Infographic: 6 Myths of Social Sharing
Infographic: 6 Myths of Social Sharing