Why Your Follower Count Doesn't Matter (And What Acutally Does)
Why Your Follower Count Doesn't Matter (And What Acutally Does)

Do you obsess over the amount of likes or followers your social media accounts have?  Do they play a large roll in your social media marketing goals? If so you might be suffering from Followeritis. Followeritis stems from an obsession with vanity metrics, like follower count.  Fortunately there is a cure! Read on and being the road to recovery.

Repeat after me: "It's not the quantity of the followers that matter, but the quality." (tweet this). Now, say it one more time. Yes, much better!

Vanity Metrics: What are They?

Simply put, vanity metrics are metrics that are measured by social media marketers that really don't have any actual impact on ROI but look nice. Sure it's great to have 1 million fans on Facebook, but are those fans actually interested with what you have to say?  That's a far more important question to ask.

Of course it would be awesome if everyone was interested in what you had to say or offer. Unfortunately, that's not realistic.  So what will get your business or brand a better return on investment? Marketing to everyone? Or marketing only to those who are in your target audience?  That's right, the latter.  Your targeted audience is much more open to your offerings and you won't have to work nearly as hard to get them to partake in them.

Vanity Metrics Can Cause Followeritis

Take a look at your fans & followers. Now how many of them do you actually reach? How many of them liked or followed you to get that free sample you gave away? Or that special offer?  Or...dare I say it? Because you bought them? Do those people really care about your services or products? No. No they don't.

Or worse, are they even really people? 

They won't interact with you, they won't care or even see your message. How does that help you? It doesn't. Now imagine if you cut out those who don't care. You're left with the fans & followers who do care. They are the ones who interact with you and actually buy or use your service or product. They are the audience you want to focus on.

The Road to Recovery

You can recover from Followeritis.  It starts with taking a good look at your social media marketing plan.  Is it helping you to acquire quality, targeted fans? Or just anyone?  Go a step further and ask if it's helping you keep and deepen your relationship with those fans, or do you end up ignoring those you have in your quest to gain more fans? Like the old adage says, sometimes less is more.  Focus on building an active community on social media that actually cares about your brand. A community that cares will take care of the important stats for you, leading to more interaction and more conversions.

Do you suffer from Followeritis? Have you recovered from an obsession with vanity metrics? Share your tale and any tips you might have in the comments!