Buffer Introduces Business Plans
Buffer Introduces Business Plans

Buffer, one of the LOLSMG team's favorite go-to social media management tools is introducing a new service.  Buffer is now offering a business option that gives businesses more options and tools than ever before.  Here's a look at what Buffer for Business is offering.

Team Members

Buffer for business will offer team members, allowing multiple individuals to manage one Buffer business account.  Team members will have two different access levels: manager & contributor.  Contributors updates default to drafts for review, while managers have full permissions to create and publish updates.  The number of team members vary by plan, but businesses can have up to 25 team members!

New Analytics

Buffer for business also offers new and improved analytics.  Users will be able to compare many different metrics from reTweets to Clicks and Posts per day.  Data can be exported for download, and filtered by any metric you choose.

More Accounts

Depending on the level of your plan Buffer for Business users will have the option to connect more accounts to Buffer than ever before.   Numbers range from the smallest plan option of 25 accounts to the largest of 150.

Currently Buffer is offering a free 7 day trial.  However, plans range from $25 per month to $250 per month.  Have you tried Buffer for Business? Will you be upgrading your plan? Share your experience with us in the comments.