The Big Picture- How Content Creation, Social Media and SEO Work Together |
The Big Picture- How Content Creation, Social Media and SEO Work Together |

There's a lot of talk about content creation, social media and SEO separately, but less discussion on how these assets work together. In combination, these three components work together to build your brand, reach more customers and build relationships.

To put it into context, content creation is the house, social media is the family & neighbors, and SEO is the road map or address that lets people find the house. Quality content provides visitors a reason to stay in the house. It's the atmosphere and the furnishings that create a welcoming and engaging home.  Without good content, few will visit a website, just as few visit an empty, abandoned house.

Social media is the relationships that content helps to build. Shared content helps to build those relationships, as does the interactions you have with your community. Bad neighbors become unpopular in their neighborhood, just as brands who are bad social neighbors experiences little success with social media. Building good relationships built on trust, and respect make for great neighbors in real life and in social media.

While social media can help some people find your site, just as close relationships in real life will help you to find your friends house, it's not enough for everyone. Imagine if you had to give every single delivery driver directions to your house every time you ordered something? SEO gives those who would like to visit you a road map to find you. While a private home may not want every random person showing up at their doorstep, a brick and mortar business certainly would want anyone who is interested in their product or service to be able to find them. The same goes for your online presence.  SEO enables those interested in finding your service or product the ability to do so — it gives them directions.

Content Marketing, Social Media, and SEO should be just three parts of your greater marketing plan.  However, they are important parts that work together to drive community relations, referrals, conversions, and traffic.  All three should always work together to further drive your overall marketing goals.  Never get bogged down in the individual intricacies and issues of each part — always remember the bigger picture.