8 Ways to Generate Exciting Content for Your Boring Niche

No matter what niche your brand is in you are faced with the same task: creating content. Some niches may lend themselves to exciting and relatable content more than others. Fashion, sports, and entertainment – all these may lend themselves to infinite arrays of exciting and interesting content. What about your boring niche? Getting fans excited about concrete, banking or lumber may be a challenge! Here are 10 sure fire ways to create exciting content your fans will love, even if your niche is what many would consider “boring”.

1. How to Articles or Videos

Sell lumber? Great! You can post information on how to create various projects from the proper use of dovetail joints to how to build an awesome tree house, create informative content for the projects that your products will help create. If your product is used in the creation of other things then how to articles are just what your audience will want.

2. Go Behind the Scenes

Why are those shows that show how things are made so interesting? Because your average person has no idea how those things got made! Give your fans a look at how your product is created or the process that actually goes into the service you provide. What if you don't make a product? Well then give your audience a look at how you provide your service and the team behind it. Put a face to those who work at your company.

3. Interesting Facts

Share interesting facts about your product, service, or industry. These can make great memes, which your fans will love to share! How many bees does it take to make your honey? How big was the largest pipe that was ever created? If it's a fact that could be on a game show, or make you look smart at a cocktail party then share that fact!

4. Share Your Fans

What are your fans doing with your product? How are they applying it and what awesome stuff are they making? Sharing your fans creations and stories will not only demonstrate how useful your product or service is in the real world, but help build a community around your brand.

5. Product Demonstrations

No, no, not like in infomercials, something real; something better. Your product is awesome, right? Show it off! Can it out pull, out run and outperform other more expensive products twice its size? Then show it doing just that!

6. History

No matter how old or new your product is, it has a history. Share the interesting stories about how your product or company came to be. Share the struggles and trials of the founders, and the interesting detours life took on the way. Give your fans a look at the human side of your business.

7.  Tips and Tricks

Share tips that will help your fans use your product better. Perhaps there’s a neat trick to get it cleaner, or to increase its range or cut it more easily. Whatever it is, find and share these useful tips and tricks with your fans to improve their lives and make using your product that much better.

8. Make it Accessible

If no one knows what you do, then they certainly won’t care. The trick is to make your technical industry and make it understandable to the average person. Bring it down to their level, explain it in terms they will understand and show them how what you do impacts their everyday life. One of the best ways to do this in through infographics, there is a reason they are so popular! They make it easy to understand and visualize complex topics.

Just because your industry has a reputation for being boring doesn’t mean your content has to be boring! Use your creativity and try some of these tips to create interesting content to grab the attention of customers and fans. Do you have any other tips to help create exciting content in industries that are “boring”? Share them with us in the comments!