7 Things Equestrians Can Teach You About SEO

Equestrians are a unique set of people; they are willing to work exceptionally long, physically demanding hours all in the pursuit of a perfect partnership with their thousand pound equine team mates. At first glance there may be little in common between equestrians and SEO. Look a little closer and you can see there is much that can be learned from them.

1. Horse First

“Horse First” is an old saying meaning that the rider should care for the horse first before themselves. Without the horse the rider has nothing. For SEOs the horse is the website. If your website isn't sound, if it has thin content, duplicate content or a poor structure then it won't be able to serve you well. Take care of your website, and see that it’s healthy before looking elsewhere to improve your SEO.

2. There Are No Shortcuts

While there may be many gadgets and gimmicks in the equestrian world, they can all too easily be used in the wrong way. There are no shortcuts when it comes to training a horse. If shortcuts are taken, it will only be a matter of time before they reveal themselves. The same is true of SEO. There are no shortcuts in SEO. There are many tools available to help you improve your site’s SEO however, there are no quick fixes. If a quick fix is used, it may work for a while until you get caught out by Google.

3. High Price Tags Don't Guarantee a Winner

A well bred horse can sell for many thousands of dollars. However, bloodline alone isn’t a guarantee of success. Equestrian history is littered with the stories of the underdog horses that came from humble roots. When it comes to SEO the same is true, while a high price tag for SEO (or any other) service may seem like a good indicator of quality, and indeed it may very well be, it’s no guarantee of success. As with horses the day in and out training is what matters, not the price tag.

4. Winning Isn't Always the Most Important Thing

Winning isn't everything. In the end there is only one winner, there is only one top result in Google’s search result. However, even losses can end up teaching valuable lessons – often the most valuable ones. Acknowledging those learning experiences and truly studying them can lead to much bigger gains down the road, if you put in the time and effort to learn from them.

5. Buy the Best You Can Afford

Equipment is important in any equestrian discipline, however, that doesn’t mean you should spend above your means. Older used tack is usually just as good as brand new tack (with the added bonus of no break in time). Budget conscious options can be just as viable as those priced much higher. Businesses also have budget constraints, as much as a business may want to have a dedicated SEO person working full time, sometimes a small business budget doesn’t allow it. That doesn’t mean you can’t compete! Work with what your budget allows and use that as effectively as you can. You can still improve your SEO without the high price tags.

6. You Get What You Give

When it comes to horses you get results based upon what you give. How you act will determine how your horse will act. The same is true of SEO. You can’t train a Grand Prix or Triple Crown champion riding only once a week, nor will you get to the top of the search results by merely installing a SEO plugin. You have to put in the work to get the results you want.

7. It’s Not Always Glamorous

Shows might be glamorous but mucking stalls and all of the hard dirty work that goes on behind the scenes and every day at home isn’t. The same can be said of SEO. Seeing those improvements in search rankings is great and rewarding however it doesn’t show the daily drudgery of the work going on behind the scenes. It doesn’t show the hours of looking for backlinks, or the endless tweaking of copy for title tags and meta descriptions.

Like all equestrian disciplines, SEO is a road filled with hard work. There are no shortcuts that can save you, only the right time and effort can help get your site to the top of the search results. However, when it comes down to it the hard work and effort always pays off in the end with show worthy results.