7 Elements Every Blog Post Should Have

How do your blog posts stack up? Are they bringing in traffic and helping you achieve your goals? No matter if you are just starting out with your blog, or have been blogging for a while, it always pays to seek improvement. Blogging is more than simply writing, each blog post should have these important elements to further support your social media and content marketing goals.

1. A Catchy Title

Titles are important. No one wants to read your generic blog. Readers want content that will help them, or inspire them, or entertain them. Your blog post titles are the first shot, and sometimes only shot, you have at getting your reader’s attention. Your title should be memorable and intriguing, encouraging your visitors to click that link and read your content. However, your title should always be relevant and never, ever misleading. If your title says you can double followers on Pinterest then your article had better be able to back that up! No one likes a misleading title!

2. A Great Image (Or Two)

Images not only help reinforce what you write, and can be instrumental in explaining complex ideas into easy to understand ways, they are also great for social sharing. High quality images can be as important as your title when it comes to driving traffic, especially on visual sites like Pinterest. Make sure your post has at least one great image suitable for sharing across social networks.

3. Awesome Grammar and Spelling

If you are like me, then this probably isn’t your favorite part of it, but it’s still very important! Proper spelling and grammar present a professional front to your visitors. Proper spelling and grammar also impact the readability of your content. If no one can understand what you are saying through all your typos then they certainly won’t stick around to read it!

4. Legible Type

It seems like we say this a lot, but it’s so important! If visitors can’t read your content they will be gone! I know that thin dark grey type looks so good on that grey background, but think of the readers! The whole point of having your blog is to attract readers, if they can hardly read your posts then there’s little point!

5. SEO Optimization

While the days of keyword stuffing are over, it still pays to be aware of your posts SEO. If you are writing about a specific topic you’ll naturally use certain keywords related to that topic in your posts. Keep that in mind when you are writing and use keywords that you want to rank for.

6. SMO Optimization

You and others will be sharing your content on social media. This is great! So make sure your content looks its best and is optimized for social media. This means including oEmbed or other meta tags to ensure social networks are showing your content correctly.

7. Original High Quality Content

Original High Quality Content or O.H.Q.C, it’s the most important aspect of blogging. No one wants to read boring, rip offs that they have already read at 10 other sites! Writing quality content takes time, effort and some research (and don’t forget editing!). However, it’s all worth it when it drives that traffic to your site. You will only get as much as you give when it comes to content, so be sure you’re giving 100% to achieve the success you desire.

Use these 7 elements in your blog content and your blog will be successful. Do you have any more elements to add? Share them with us in the comments!