6 Tips to Improve Your Reach on Facebook
6 Tips to Improve Your Reach on Facebook

You can't control Facebook's algorithm changes, but you can do your best to stand out to your audience and build a relationship with them.  Here are 6 tips to improve your reach and get your fans to notice you.

1. Post Different Content Types

If you pay attention to your stats at all you surely will have noticed how different posts naturally have different reach.  With the recent memes change this has even more importance, pages cannot rely solely upon images to generate their engagement.  Keep your content fresh, new and relevant. This includes both the content and the format. Post articles, videos, pictures and even plain status updates! As you are doing this, be sure to monitor your results!  Note which types of content your audience responds to most favorably and prioritize that content type.

2.  Post Times Matter

Now it's more important than ever to pay attention to when your fans are the most active.  Facebook's bumps will only help you so much if you miss your fans when they are actually on the site.  Post when you know your fans are active. If you don't know, now is the time to figure it out. You may notice that your fans are active at different times, perhaps they check their Facebook feeds before work in the morning, then again in the evening after dinner. Or those international fans are on in your early morning hours. Use apps like Hootsuite or Facebook's native post scheduling features to ensure your posts are scheduled for maximum impact.

3. Use Calls To Action

Include calls to action in your updates. Tell your fans to click that link, like a post, visit your Instagram account, or enter the contest!  Test different calls to actions to see which drive the best response, and keep testing!

4. Get to Know Your Fans

Really get to know them! Engage with them, respond to them, ask them questions about the type of content they like. Then give them that content. If you are posting content that they don't find useful, or relevant they won't be drawn to interact with it.

5.  Cross Promote

Cross promotion isn't just for when you have a new social media account! Cross promote all your other social media accounts. Send your Twitter fans to Facebook, and your Facebook fans to Pinterest!  Gather new engaged fans, from existing fans you already have on another social media network!

6. Adapt to Change

Facebook will always be tweaking one thing or another and this can have unexpected results on how you reach your fans. Never get too comfortable in your routine to forget to innovate and try new things. You can't control Facebook, but you can control how you nurture the relationship  you have with your fans.