6 Tips to Create Successful Banner Ads | lolsmg.com
6 Tips to Create Successful Banner Ads | lolsmg.com

Advertising is a critical component to your marketing campaigns.  With increased pressure from social media sites to pay to play, there are more opportunities than ever before to sell your brand, products or services.  It is important to consider though, that not all ads are created equal. Follow these 6 tips to give your ads the best chance for success!

1. Use Calls to Action

The importance of a great call to action can't be overstated. A great call to action can be one of your biggest assets to increase conversions. Avoid the generic "Click here" instead use CTAs that demonstrate value to the customer. Free trials and limited time offers are a great way to entice your customers.

2. Use Appropriate Images

You've probably seen those ads that use low quality images? Or perhaps the ones that use seemingly random stock photos? Don't make these mistakes! Ensure the image you choose is A.) optimized for the platform (that means no pixelated images!) B.) appropriate for what you are advertising.  Images that have no connection to what you are selling will confuse potential customers.

3. Keep Your File Size Small

No one likes to wait for a website to load, let alone wait for the ads on the website to load! Keep your ad's file size as small as possible to ensure fast delivery to viewers.

4. Use A/B Testing

Test, test, test! Always test your ads to find out which ones get the most click-throughs.  Learn from your successful, and unsuccessful ads to find out what works best for your brand and your customers.  Small changes in copy, or imagery can lead to surprisingly big changes in click-through rates.

5. Keep it Simple

Ads have only a moment to capture the viewer's attention, use that moment wisely with a concise ad.  Limit your ad to one topic only, be it a sale, a special promotion or a special event. Avoid confusing viewers with too much information in both your graphics and copy choices.

6. Use Your Branding

Your branding helps to make your brand instantly recognizable, use your ads to build brand recognition.  It lends to your credibility and name recognition.  Let your ads enhance your branding, instead of fighting it. Avoid confusing viewers with vague and generic ads.