5 Tips to Improve Traffic to Your Business Blog


Do you have a blog for your business? Do you want to drive even more traffic to it? Use these 5 tips and you can improve your business blog’s traffic for more leads and conversions.

1. Have a Schedule

You already write great, original, quality content, but do you publish it on a regular schedule? No matter what your schedule is, from once a month, to once a week or even every day, it’s important that you stick to it. A regular schedule will let your readers know you are serious about your blogging as well as letting them know when they should expect new content from you which in turn drives returning visitors.

2. Promote it on Social Media

Promote your posts on your social media accounts. The key is to balance self-promotion posts with your other posts. While you want to get the word out about your awesome content you don’t want to annoy your followers either! As a general rule of thumb try to promote your new content 3 times a day on Twitter. Google +, Facebook, and Pinterest all have longer content shelf-lives so you can promote once or twice there. Pinterest in particular will give you a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to keeping your content evergreen.

3. Don’t Forget SEO

By nature your content will mention long and short tail keywords on your topic of choice. So while it’s important to be mindful of keywords, don’t go overboard with them. Keyword stuffing won’t help you in today’s SEO landscape. Write for people and the search engines will be much happier. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore SEO entirely. Make sure your keyword is in your title tags, images have descriptive alt tags, and you have your meta keywords and description well written.

4. Use Images

When sharing your content on social media your images are what will make it stand out. From Twitter to Google+ all of the social networks have place a great emphasis on your visual content. Time spent perfecting your images for social media is time well spent.

5. Newsletters or Mailing Lists

Email is still a great way to reach your audience. It offers less distractions and a more intimate experience than social media. Additionally it can help you reach a different demographic who may not be active on social media. Be sure to share your content with your mailing list. Most newsletter providers offer a way to easily automatically send your latest blog posts to your mailing lists. It’s an easy way to drive more traffic to your site.

Building new traffic streams can be a constant battle. Follow these tips and you will have more traffic heading to your business blog. Do you have a favorite tip that drives traffic to your business blog? Share it with us in the comments.