5 Questions to Ask to Build a Successful Email Marketing List
5 Questions to Ask to Build a Successful Email Marketing List

Email marketing is still a powerful way to connect with potential leads and customers. To stand out in a sea of emails, your emails must provide value and offer something that people will actually want to open. To achieve this, you’ll need to plan your email strategy. Here are 5 important questions you should ask yourself to help plan your email marketing plan.

1. “What value will my email bring to my target audience?” Or “Why would they want to sign up for my email list?”

Unfortunately offering updates won’t cut it. Inbox space is a valuable commodity and no one wants yet another email they won’t read cluttering it up. So what will you offer people? Exclusive industry insight? Tips to crush the competition? Special deals or exclusive courses?

2. “What do I want to get out of my email list? What is my email list’s goal?”

Will your email list generate leads or will it entice previous customers to purchase from you again? Different goals will call for different content and different approaches. Additionally, your goals should be something you can track. Track your goals and use the information you gain to improve your email list to meet and exceed your goals.

3. “What technology will my email list use?”

This is important as it will help you decide on an email list service provider as well as the design and function of your emails. Email will be read on a variety of devices, from laptops to tablets to mobile devices of varying screen sizes. Make sure your emails are responsive so your email recipients can read them easily!

4. “What schedule will my email list keep?”

Will your email be monthly? Weekly? Daily? Plan your email schedule so that your recipients will be able to anticipate when their emails will arrive. It will also help keep you on task. Don’t let your email list fade. Post consistently, on whatever schedule fits your needs best.

5. “Is my email content good?”

No one will read your emails if they aren’t good. Your subject, images, calls to action, and copy used must be engaging. Always remember question #1. If you are not providing value to your email recipients they won’t be your email recipients for long. Give them high quality and useful content. Over time you will gather data on what is working in your emails and what isn’t. Refer to this data and use it to advantage. Focus on what is good, discard what does not.

Email marketing can be a very effective method to increase sales, traffic and lead generation no matter what type of business you have. Planning ahead will help your email list be successful and avoid many of the common email list building pitfalls you may encounter. Do you have any other tips to set up a successful email marketing list? Share them with us in the comments.