4 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers From Real Life | lolsmg.com
4 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers From Real Life | lolsmg.com

Everyone wants to grow their social media followers! What do you do when you have tried all of the tips, tricks, and hints that you can find? Have you considered the real world? Off-line? While it may seem counter intuitive you might be missing out on an array of social media followers if you aren't looking for them off-line!

1. Business Cards

Business cards are a great way for people to get in touch with you. Isn't that what social media is for? Give people an easy new way to connect with you on social media by including it on your business cards.

2. In-Store Signage & Printed Materials

If you have a brick & mortar store don't forget to include your social media contact info where customers will see it in store. Some locations share it on their doors or windows; others may have a sign near the register or in store kiosks.

3. Use QR Codes

QR codes make it easy for customers to scan a sign or display to visit a link. While it can be used for various landing pages for promotions, QR codes can also be used to make it quick & easy for customers to add you to their social networks.

4. Real World Marketing Materials

From billboards to TV commercials and direct mailings you can easily add your social media contact information.  Just because the advertising medium isn't online, doesn't mean your customers aren't online. The usage of mobile devices as second screens is higher than ever.