Your site is getting lots of visitors, but are they only staying for a few seconds before leaving? Wouldn’t it be great if they stuck around for a while and looked at more than one page? Use these 4 tips and you will entice your visitors to stick around longer and see more of what your site and your business has to offer them.

1. Suggested Content

From Buzzfeed to Mashable all the most popular sites on the internet have some sort of “related posts” or “related content” on every one of their blog posts.  These show posts that viewers may also be interested in and will keep your visitors on your site longer sampling more of your content. If you are a WordPress user, it’s very easy to implement related content. There are many free plugins available that will show users related content from your site (some will even show related content from your social media posts); alternately if you are familiar with WordPress and coding you can do it yourself.

2. User Friendly Design

It seems like we are always mentioning user friendly design, that’s only because it’s so important! If your visitors can’t find what they are looking for or get confused they will simply leave! That’s not good! So be sure your site is easy for visitors to navigate and use. This includes giving your visitors a mobile friendly option!

3. Fast Loading Times

Nothing will make you lose visitors more quickly than a slow loading site! Visitors expect your site to load in seconds. Anything over 10 seconds of loading time is an eternity on the internet and your visitors will be headed elsewhere! Loading times become even more important for mobile users who often have internet connections that may not be as fast as desktop users. A site that isn’t optimized for mobile can take much longer for mobile devices to load and loose you valuable mobile visitors.

4. Onsite Links

Do you have old content that’s relevant to your new content? Of course you do! Then why aren’t you linking to it in your new content? Related posts are great, but don’t forget to use text links within your new content to link to your older content. Not only will it help improve your on site SEO, it will also give visitors another opportunity to see more content on your site.

You can keep more of your visitors on your site longer an expose them to more of your awesome content. Try out our tips today and let us know how they have helped you in the comments. Do you have tips to help keep visitors on your site longer? Share that with us in the comments too!