4 Tips to Smash Writers Block and Keep Writing | lolsmg.com
4 Tips to Smash Writers Block and Keep Writing | lolsmg.com

Most, if not all, writers have been there — writer's block. The words just won't come, so you sit staring at your blank screen or piece of paper waiting for inspiration to strike. Don't let writer's block prevent you from writing! Take control with these 4 simple tips!

1. Write Down Everything

Write down all your ideas as soon as they hit. It doesn't matter where you are — in a meeting, walking down the street or as you fall asleep at night. Keep paper and pen nearby to write your notes down. Store your ideas away for another day; a day when you have no inspiration. It can be surprising to see how often those ideas you have saved flow freely one day or create inspiration for another idea.

2. Look Through Your Old Posts

Revisit your old posts. Are there ideas you can further expand on? Updates you can make? Perhaps you missed a point or new information has come to light?  Create follow up posts to compliment these older posts.  Viewing your older posts can also show you areas you may have glossed over. Go back and visit those overlooked areas.

3. Get inspired

Read something new, listen to music or go for a walk. New places, faces and experiences can bring forth new ideas or ways of looking at a problem.  Never underestimate the power of simply clearing your mind for a few moments. Sometimes that's all you need to let your brain sort itself out and create an awesome idea.

4. Ask Your Readers

Go on, ask them! Ask your readers what topics they would like to see you cover. Ask them what questions or concerns they have and how you could help them. Not only will you build engagement and create a community, but you will get a treasure trove of content ideas that will be guaranteed to be useful and topical to your readers.

Have you struggled with writer's block? Do you have any tried and true methods that work for you? Share them in the comments, and let writer's block trouble you no more!