3 Ways to Add Images to Your Text Heavy Content


You already know images are important for the readability and the social sharing aspects of content creation. What do you do when your content is text heavy and doesn’t lend itself to images? Can you add images to your content? Of course you can! It will take some creativity, but here are 4 tips to help make your text heavy content more visual!

1. Diagram it!

There’s a reason infographics are so popular — they make complex topics and issues easy to understand while packing a powerful visual punch. You can do the same thing with your technical content. When discussing complex issues and topics, break them down into graphical representations! Any type of chart, graph or sketch can help your readers visualize and understand the issue at hand while providing a spark of visual interest and deeper comprehension.

2. Fun with Typography

Okay, this isn’t technically an image, unless of course you save it as an image, right?  Typography is your friend! Text heavy content is the perfect venue to hone your typography skills. Let your typography really stand out as a visual work in its own right. You can accomplish this within your content itself or with the aid of featured images you might include in your content.

3. Add Screenshots

When discussing topics relating to technology screenshots can be your best friend. For example, coding may not seem like a topic that takes readily to images, however, screenshots of the programs used, or before-and-afters can be a valuable way to engage readers and demonstrate the technology at hand. Screenshots enable your readers to easily refer to your content as they follow along and give them the confidence to know they are on the right track. They may seem boring, but don’t underestimate their usefulness!


You may think your technical writing has no place for visuals or that they don’t suit your content at all. With a little creativity you will find that’s not the case! You do have options for even the blandest, text-heavy content to spice it up with visuals. Think beyond the photos and discover the images out there waiting to be used to improve your content and give you something fantastic to share!

Do you have any other suggestions for adding visuals or other visual interest to text heavy topics or content? Share them with us in the comments!