3 Underused Ways to Give Your Blog More Exposure


Are you trying to drive traffic to your blog? Of course you are! You probably already know that you should be sharing it to social media and of course there’s SEO, but what other options are out there to help you get your blog in front of more people? We’ve got 5 under used ways you can increase your blog’s traffic.


It’s not one of the cool or most talked about services around, but it does offer a great way to get more interested readers on your blog posts. How does it work? It’s quite simple really! Just sign up for a free account, fill in the profile information and select what categories you are interested. Then hit the “Stumble” button and be whisked off to a new website. If you like it, give it a thumbs up, if not a thumbs down. Wait, this is great, but it’s not your content is it? It can be! With a browser addon adding your own content to StumbleUpon is only a click away! Just thumbs up on the page you’d like to share and it will be added to StumbleUpon where other users can now Stumble across it.


While Redditors are notorious for hating most market ploys, so blatant self promotion is to be avoided here. There’s one exception to the rule, and that’s when you’re doing an AMA. AMAs (ask me anything) are a great way to get noticed and talk about you and your brand to the Reddit community. One tip for your AMA, Redditors generally will ask you anything, so be prepared to respond to questions you may not even have considered! There are also other options for marketing your content on Reddit. You could create your own sub-reddit that centers on your brand, or participated in sub-reddits that are related to your industry and add valuable insight to the conversations. You can even share your own content, IF it’s relevant to the topic at hand!

Pinterest Group Boards

Are you on Pinterest? Are you part of a group board? If not you might be missing out on a new audiences for your content! Group boards work just like regular boards on Pinterest, however, they allow posting by many different users. They are usually centered on a specific topic or industry. Post your relevant pins on a group board to get more eyes on your pins and find more pinners to follow and interact with that are interested in the same topics that you are.

There’s more to generating exposure to your blog than simply posting to the big 3 social media networks! The more traffic sources your blog develops the less reliant you will become on any one source of traffic. Diversified traffic sources will let you weather the storms of changing algorithms and policies that can leave your main traffic source in shambles. By using these 3 under used methods of driving new traffic to your blog you can not only increase your traffic but build a more resilient future. Do you have any other suggestions for underutilized ways to drive traffic to your blog or site? Share them with us in the comments!