2 Spammy SEO Tactics You Can Still Safely Use - lolsmg.com
2 Spammy SEO Tactics You Can Still Safely Use - lolsmg.com

SEO is an ever-changing field. New tweaks to algorithms means SEOs and their clients must continually adapt their strategies. Many of the tried and true methods are now outdated. Once mainstays of SEOs work, now they can hurt site's reputation and drive them from the search engine rankings. The good news is there are some techniques that can still be safely used, even if they may have gotten a bad name recently.

Guest Posts

There's been a great deal of confusion over a recent announcement from Google's Matt Cutts concerning guest posts. However, if they are done correctly, guest posts are still a viable way to improve your site's SEO, reach, and reputation. So what makes guest post great? A guest post should be an original article written specifically for the site you're posting on. That means if you are sending the same cookie-cutter post to hundreds of sites you're doing it wrong! A guest post should be of the same quality you would write for your own site, just written for another.

Blog Comments

Any blog owner will tell you there is a world of difference between a spam comment and a real comment. A spam comment has the following characteristics:

  • Makes little to no sense
  • Is keyword heavy
  • Is link heavy
  • Does not add to the conversation (it may not even be relevant to the blog post)

A good comment will be written as if a real person wrote it. You are a real person, correct? The comment will actually contribute to conversation. There will be no (or only one) keywords. It only works when you are genuine, and write authentically on the subject matter. Keyword and link stuff have NO place in comments. Genuine conversation & useful information will do. When it comes to SEO it's important to keep in mind that most, especially very popular and well respected blogs, often rel="nofollow" their comments. This helps prevent abuse by those who would spam comment their way into higher SEO ranks (or to put it another way, a few bad apples ruined the bunch). However, there are more benefits to great comments than just SEO. Comments are a great way to interact with your niche's community. It can draw new leads and expand your audience.

Certain practices no longer have a place in modern SEO. Fortunately for site owners & bloggers, comments and guest posting aren't necessarily one of them. Quality content via guest posts and comments can not only impact your SEO positively, but also allow you to reach more readers, and grow your own reputation.