Yahoo Email Accounts Hacked |
Yahoo Email Accounts Hacked |

Another day, another large company reports a security breach. This time it was Yahoo. Yahoo reported a coordinated effort to hack a large number of Yahoo e-mail accounts.

If your account was compromised, you will receive an e-mail from Yahoo requesting you to update your password. If you have a mobile phone number associated with your account you may also receive a text asking you to do the same.

If you haven't received notification from Yahoo to reset your password, your account probably was not involved and is safe. However, to be safe changing your password to a new unique, secure password is a good idea.  Additionally, using Yahoo's option for 2 factor authentication if you aren't already will help keep your Yahoo email safe.

Yahoo has stated that it's working with the authorities to find those responsible for the hack, and they have improved their security to prevent such hacks in the future.

It is unfortunate, but dealing with such security issues has become common place in today's connected world.  Account security is an issue everyone must take seriously, from users to companies who manage the accounts.  Users have many options to help keep their information secure.  We here at LOLSMG have written on this topic before, and hope that you will take the time to review this information.  You can take actions to help keep your accounts safe & secure!

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