ThreatStream Stops Cyberattacks Before They Start
ThreatStream Stops Cyberattacks Before They Start

Has your site ever fallen victim to a DDOS, a distributed denial of service attack? If so you know the headaches that causes. Of course there's the site downtime, the lost sales, the lost leads, and the time and expense of getting your site restored. No one wants to see their site go down for any period of time, especially from hackers!

You probably have taken precautions to prevent such things from happening to you: caches, a lightweight site and an awesome host. However, what if you knew an attack was coming before it happened? One startup, ThreatStream, is doing just that.

ThreatStream harnesses the power of the internet security community. It allows internet security professionals to collaborate and share their own internet security information. Legitimate and verified internet security professionals will have the ability to compare notes; to share their own insights and information about the latest threats to predict new threats and stay one step ahead of them through its crowd sourced Optic platform.

ThreatStream will offer a variety of pricing plans that vary based on business site. Huge corporations can expect to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a year of service. Medium sized businesses will play thousands. However, ThreatStream hasn't overlooked small startups and small businesses. The business plans to offer free options just for small businesses and startups as a way to give back to the community.

ThreatStream also has a free app that is available for anyone to download.  Optic Splunk App is a web based app that allows anyone to access their real time database of threat information. This allows developers or any other interested individuals to share information, comment on threats, or uncover threats. The principle being the more individuals looking for threats, the more threats that will be uncovered. However, all users of the Optic Splunk App will have to undergo ThreatStreams' through verification process, just like all Optic users.

Internet security may not be at the forefront of all small businesses concerns but it is worthy of your consideration. Downed sites lead to lost profits and flaws in security can lead to customer or client data being compromised. Planning for the security of your site will help mitigate these issues and give you and your customers peace of mind.