Heartbleed: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Info
Heartbleed: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Info

By now you have probably heard about the security vulnerability Heartbleed. It has impacted some of the most used sites on the internet, and chances are you have accounts on sites that have been impacted in some way. Here is the information you need to know to keep your accounts safe and mitigate any impact from Heartbleed.

1. Wait until a fix has been applied to affected sites.

If you don’t wait, changing your password will have no impact. Hackers could still access your new password, unless the fix has been applied. Once sites have updated to fix the vulnerability then it is time to update your password.

2. Use unique passwords.

Yes, this is something that is said after every security threat, but it’s a great technique to keep your data safe. Hackers know most people use the same email and password combinations, so if they know those it makes hacking your other accounts that much easier. Using unique passwords doesn’t have to be hard, a secure password app like Last Pass will help generate secure passwords and remember them for you.

3. Keep an eye on your accounts.

Watch your accounts for any strange activities. You may also want to disassociate any other devices or logins from your accounts to assure that they are actually your real logins and not ones that have been compromised.

What Sites Were Compromised?

Here are several resources that will allow you to find out which sites were compromised by Heartbleed and if they have secured the vulnerability yet or not.

The Heartbleed Hit List

Heartbleed Site Search Tool

LastPast Heartbleed Tool

McAfee Heartbleed Tool

Staying safe online is a constant struggle. Heartbleed is only the latest in a seemingly never ending series of online threats. Do you have any other tips to mitigate the impacts of Heartbleed or any other resources to share? Let us know in the comments!

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