How to Choose the Right Blogging Platform
How to Choose the Right Blogging Platform

It's no secret that blogs help to drive site views, improve SEO and demonstrate the knowledge and experience that brands have. However, if you are starting out with a new blog figuring out which platform meets your needs may not be so easy.

1. Know Your Blog's Purpose

The first step to success is knowing your blog's purpose. Is it to reach out to new customers? Or to keep customers, clients and associates up to date on the latest industry or company news? Will you have multiple blogs for multiple facets of your brand? Knowing these specifics now will help you set up your blog for success down the road.

2. Know Your Team & Resources

Who will be running your blog? Do you have staff to dedicate to its maintenance, design, and content? Do your team members have knowledge of particular platforms? Is your corporate site already running on a suitable blogging platform? Or are you working on a smaller budget with one part time content writer? Knowing your resources will allow you to choose the blogging platform that will allow you and your team to be successful.

3. Learn About Your Options

Self hosted blog frameworks offer more customizability and freedom than platforms that are hosted elsewhere. On the reverse side self hosted frameworks need more maintenance and upkeep. You are responsible for your own security and updates whereas hosted platforms most often provide these services. Two of the most common hosted solutions are:

Popular Self hosted options include:

4. Evaluate Future Goals and Plans

Do you have future plans for your blog? Will it one day have members only content or other special features? If so, the time to plan for special features is now. It's better to plan ahead and choose a platform that supports your future goals than realize you have outgrown your platform and undergo the time consuming tasks to moving your blog to a new platform.

5. Choose Your Platform

Ultimate the choice is in your hands. You can be successful no matter what platform you choose if you have laid your foundation securely. Research and deliberation at the beginning of the process will lead you to a successful conclusion and the birth of a successful blog.

Starting a new blog can seem overwhelming at times. However, as with all new beginnings the more effort you put in now, the smoother sailing you will have down the line. Choosing the best blogging platform for your blog is only part of the battle, however, it will have long lasting effects on your blog. Choose wisely, and get your blog off on a great start! Need a little professional help? Get in touch! We'd love to help you get your blog off and running!