6 Tips to Keep Your Website Running Smoothly

Websites, like cars require regular maintenance in order to run their best. Sites that forgo their regular maintenance can become slow and insecure. Protect your site and your data by performing these common maintenance tasks and your site will function as well now as it did when it was first created.

1. Site & Database Backups

Protect your data and your content! Back up your website’s files and your database(s) on a regular basis. The unexpected happens, backups can help you restore lost data and recover from errors and security breaches. Additionally, backups should also occur before you make any major changes to your site. This will give you an easy way to roll back should you have issues with the change not performing as anticipated.

2. Update Your Content Management System (CMS) Regularly

No matter what CMS you use, make sure you always keep it up to date. Not only will the latest versions of your CMS give you new features and abilities, the new updates will usually include security fixes and keep your site more secure.

2. Update Plugins, Themes and Addons

Out of date plugins, themes and other addons can lead to insecurities within your site as well as potential conflicts with other extensions or your CMS. Keeping all of your plugins, themes and addons up to date will keep your site secure and running smoothly.

3. Delete Spam Comments

If your site allows comments, delete your spam comments regularly. If you use a plugin such as Akismet to automatically monitor your comments for you, deleting spam comments is easy! Manually deleting them is best done on a daily basis. Spam comments not only look poor on your site, they also can have links to dangerous sites that could compromise your site’s visitors. Protect your visitors and your site be managing your spam comments.

4. Review & Update Your Content

Keep your content up to date. This is especially important for contact information, hours of operation and location. Delete or edit old or outdated content to ensure your visitors find the most recent, and accurate information.

5. Fix Broken Links & Images

Does your site have broken links or images? Fix them! Give your visitors a fully functional experience! Broken images and links show your site isn't important to you, and maybe even that you have forgotten about it! Be sure it’s in good working condition, your reputation will thank you!

6. Fix Bugs

Site bugs happen to even the best, most well designed sites. Regularly reviewing your site and feedback from your site’s visitors will help you find bugs. Fix bugs, especially as it relates to your visitor’s experience. Visitors, who can’t do what they came to do on your site, certainly will not stick around!

Website maintenance might not be the most exciting or fun task, however when done regularly and properly it will keep your site safe and sound. Do you perform regular website maintenance tasks? Are there any more you'd also recommend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!