Why Your Website’s Font Color Matters and How It Can Help (or Hurt) Your Business

When it comes to design, the devil is in the details. Choosing a color for your font isn't always as straightforward as you might think. It may seem like a minor detail, but the wrong color can send your website’s visitors heading to your competitor. Conversely the right color can improve your conversion rates and bring you more business.

Legibility is Not Optional

Legibility is one of, if not the most important aspect of any typographical choices made anywhere on your website. While you might have chosen an easily legible font, your color choice can throw that all away. Don’t turn away readers by making them squint at the screen to try and discern your type! Choose colors that stand out against the background, without being too harsh on the eyes. Black type on a white background might seem like a great option, however, the hard contrast can be straining to eyes. Try choosing a very dark grey instead, it will still be legible; however it won’t be as hard on the eyes.

Colors Have Meaning

The importance of color comes into play in special circumstances, like calls to action. Done well, calls to action will bring in new leads and sales. However, balancing copy and design can be a tricky task. The best colors to use in calls to action buttons are warm colors that are attention grabbing such as red, orange or yellow. Green is also a great color to use for calls to action especially if your service relates to nature, or “green” living. Green also is associated with “go” thanks to traffic lights which can encourage visitors to click your call to action button (source).

Be Aware of Culture

Colors often have vastly different meanings when used in different cultures. If your business is an international business or you will have a multicultural audience you will want to be sure to consider how different cultures will view the color choices you have made.

Don't Forget the Whole Picture

No matter what color choices you make for the typography on your website remember your overall color scheme. While red might be great for call to action buttons if your site’s color scheme is primarily green it may not be the best choice (unless you sell Christmas decorations). Keep your font color choices in line with your existing branding and the rest of your website’s design.

Don't overlook the small pieces that make up a great website. Font color choices are easy to overlook, but they can have a drastic impact on the usability and profitability of your website. Do you have any tips for selecting the best colors for your fonts? Share them with us in the comments!