Website Creation Services vs Web Design Firms: Which One Is Best For Your Business?
Website Creation Services vs Web Design Firms: Which One Is Best For Your Business?

Website creation has undergone a change in recent times. We aren't talking about any design trends or technology changes but the arrival of an array of services that allow you to create a website without any coding knowledge. They are usually priced at a lower price point and can give good results, so are web designers and design firms obsolete? Should you bother hiring a web designer or design firm to create your next business website?

Yes, you should.

There’s an inherent problem when it comes to web design service providers or any hosted platform: you don’t control it. It is controlled by the service. Your site and what you can do with it is limited. This might seem convenient now, but in the future it may very well be a cause of much frustration. Moving platforms because you have outgrown one is a very time consuming and frustrating process. Hosted platforms also may limit how your site may function. For example blogging might be great for business, but if your platform isn’t great for blogging it can hinder your efforts. What about SEO? Is your site optimized for SEO? If not you could be missing out on traffic, customers and exposure.

There’s another issue in many website creation tools: templates. Is your business really the same as every other business out there? No, we didn’t think so! You are unique and your site should reflect that. Does a premade template really fully express your brand? Or will visitors to your site think get the feeling déjà vu when they visit your site because your competitor has the exact same one? Your brand shouldn’t have to conform to a template because it’s “good enough”.

On the other hand, a good design firm will walk you through the site design process giving you a site that is built from the ground up to meet your needs.  You can have complete control over your site from the design to the function. You also get the benefit of having a team of professional designers and developers building your site. They can give you insight into not only the design and function of your site, but insights into how users will use your site as well. These professionals will also be able to ensure that your site meets today’s standards in design, code, technologies used and function. From SEO to mobile friendly design they will be able to help you ensure your site can meet the demands of today’s users and search engines.

Don’t overlook web design firms in your quest for a new business website. Website creation platforms might seem like a great alternative, but they aren’t for everyone. Only a web design firm can help you develop the perfect custom solution that will help propel your business forward. Not sure where to start? We offer web design services and would be happy to help give you the site your business needs to go to the next level. Get in touch today to learn more!