Beyond the Stock Photo: Illustrations
Beyond the Stock Photo: Illustrations

The web continues to become more visual. 40 percent of the Internet is comprised of images and 70 percent of social content is visual. (Click to tweet) Blogs struggle to stand out, while readers are bombarded with visuals vying for just a bit of their attention. So how do you distinguish yourself in a sea of stock photos and graphics? Try illustrations!

How many blogs do you see with custom illustrations in their graphics? Not many, right? Go the extra mile with the powerful punch of custom illustrations! There's more to illustrators than cartoons, and anime; from realistic to surreal there are a variety of styles to match any brand.

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words." A well-thought-out illustration can be worth even more! Custom visuals will reinforce brand identity and supplement your content to drive the message home. Give your readers new, exciting, visually appealing content unique to you!

It's tempting to jump to your favorite stock image resource to look for illustrations to accompany your content. You may find some viable options, but they will still have the same generic blandness stock photos are known for. You can do better! Professional illustrators are showcase their work throughout the web, offering a variety of pricing options. You can even take a crack at transforming your own drawings in Photoshop!

If you are looking for an illustrator, here are some great sites:





Do you use illustrations regularly on your blog? If so we'd love to hear about their impact! Share your experience with us in the comments!