This One Fix Will Improve Your Site's Appearance Immediately
This One Fix Will Improve Your Site's Appearance Immediately

Is your site feeling bland? Need a redesign but don't have the time or budget? You're in luck! There is one small change you can make that has the power to enhance the overall appeal of your site: Typography.

Once upon a time, we were extremely limited by font selections. If a design called for a special font, it needed to be uploaded and hosted by the site to accommodate those who may not have it installed on their machines. Times have changed. Thanks to services like Google Fonts, incorporating new and interesting fonts is easier than ever. It is as simple as copying a code and inserting it into your website.

Before you run off and start installing new fonts, here are 3 tips to ensure your new font is actually an improvement over the old one.

1. Don't Use More Than 3 Fonts

Even that may be stretching it! So what's the safest route? Select a font for your titles and menu items and then another for your copy. You'll want these fonts to have a similar feel or tone. Consider keeping with one or similar font families. Pairing a casual font and a formal one may appear out of place and sloppy. Ensure your font selections are complimentary of each other.

2. Readability is a MUST!

Your text must be legible to your visitors! If they can't easily read and understand your valued content, then what's the point? Script fonts, thin fonts, and condensed fonts have their place – but that place isn't necessarily on your website. As a general rule, harder to read fonts such as script may be used on headings, but never on the main page copy.

3. Test Across Browsers

It may seem odd, but fonts may render differently in various browsers. Test your new font choices in all browsers (including mobile.) What looks good in one browser, doesn't always translate well to another.

A new font that goes beyond the typical web safe font choices can add personality and some "wow" to your website. It's easy to overlook such a common site element in favor for  flashier design elements like images. However, strong typography can transform a average website to a true masterpiece.