Tools We Love: Canva

We are always on the lookout for awesome apps & tools here at LOLSMG!  We especially love awesome graphics programs. That search brought us to Canva! It's still in beta but we love what we see so far!  Canva is an easy to use graphic design app that lets users easily create graphics of all types from full page documents to Facebook Timeline Covers to business cards!

Canva is free to use...mostly.  It offers a variety of quality stock images, and graphics. Featured items have a premium price of only $1!  You simply pay at one your graphic is published.  However, if you choose not to use these premium items your graphic is completely free! It's a slightly different twist on the freemium model.

The quality of the resources on Canva are great. There's something for everyone to use! From backgrounds, design templates, a variety of fonts and more! You can easily search the designs for whatever you might need or upload your own design elements to use.  Canva also saves all of your designs, so you can have access to them from anywhere! Sharing your creations over social media is also a breeze with their easy sharing options.

Canva is a great option for your design needs.  Sign up for the beta today and give it a try! We look forward to seeing the full release!  Have you tried Canva? Share your experience with it in the comments!