7 Tips to Make Your Personal Website Stand Out

Building a personal brand isn't just for big name celebrities or musicians! More and more people are realizing the value of building a personal brand and seeing how it can help them in their careers. From comedians to artists and writers, a personal website is one of the best ways you can build your personal brand. Unfortunately not all websites are created equal. Here are 7 tips to ensure your personal website stands out from the crowd.

1. Show Your Personality

Your personal website is all about you. It should show off your personality and demonstrate what kind of person you are. From fun and cheerful to sophisticated and classic your site’s design should support your own personality and be as unique as you are.

2. Contact Information

Make it easy for interested individuals to get in touch with you. Don't hide your contact information! Use a contact form to let people easily email you and share links to your social media accounts. Make sure this information is easy to find, you may even want to have it listed in multiple places.

3. Show Off Your Work

If you have done work of any kind show it off in a portfolio. Select your best pieces that best represent what you do and show them off to the world. Videos, music clips, photographs, even writing all can show off your skills as a professional in your industry.

4. Keep it Up to Date

There’s nothing worse than an old out of date website! Out of date sites can confuse visitors and spread misinformation. Regularly check your website to make sure the information is up to date, especially contact information.  You may also want to start a blog. Keep it updated with your most recent news and information. You don't have to update it every day, but setting a schedule will help your visitors stay in the know and keep driving traffic to your site.

5. Shout Out To Your Clients

If you have clients give them a shout out. Let visitors know who you have worked with and what projects you worked on with them. From that photo shoot you did with at that well known magazine to the podcast you were on, show it off.

6.  Share Your Site

You've worked hard on your site and are proud of it, so show it off! Include links to your site in your social media profiles and be sure to share the link to it with your followers. Share links to your latest news with them to keep them coming back to your site for more.

7. Focus on Your Audience

What is the goal of your site? Are you trying to attract new fans? Get new gigs or maybe attract agents? Be sure your site is focused in content and copy to achieve these goals. When adding new content to your site or altering it at all, always keep your audience in mind and give them a cohesive experience with the information & content that they want and they will keep them coming back for more.

Your personal website is the foundation for your personal brand. No matter what industry you are in your personal brand can be the gateway to taking a step to the next level. Follow our tips and your site will be sure to stand out from the others. Need help getting started with a website? We can help you out with that as well with professional website design and development services, get in touch with us today!