6 Mobile Website Tips
6 Mobile Website Tips

It's time. You are finally developing a mobile site to complement your desktop website.  At first it may seem like an easy task, you're just duplicating all of your site content in mobile form, right? That may not be the best approach for your mobile visitors.  Here are 6 tips to ensure your mobile site delivers what your mobile visitors seek.

1. Mobile Users are Mobile

Yes, it seems silly to say, but remember mobile users are busy! They are on the go either looking for specific information or killing time for a moment while they wait.  Your mobile site must respect this and give them the quick and easy access they want to the information or entertainment they are searching for.  From load time to content it must be optimized for users on the go.

2. Look at Your Mobile Analytics

Find out which pages are the most popular for mobile visitors to visit.  It may not be the same as your desktop visitors so it's important to narrow down your data by device.  This data is not the final word on what to include but it does give you a starting point. If you notice mobile viewers never go to a certain page, figure out why. Is it just impossible to navigate or use on mobile? Or is that information irrelevant to them?

3. Use Mobile Features

This can be especially important for brick and mortar businesses. Include features like click to call and gps features that allow mobile visitors to quickly and easily find or contact your business.

4. Prioritize Legibility and Clarity

Choose your fonts and images wisely.  Even fonts that are not ornate don't necessarily look great when condensed to smaller sizes. Always check that your font choices and font sizes are legible and easy to read.  The same goes for graphics, ensure they are clear and details are easy to make out.

5. Remember the Fingers!

Fat fingering, we've all done it. In line links may be difficult or nearly impossible to click using your finger on a small screen. Use larger, finger friendly icons and buttons to make it easier for mobile visitors to navigate and use your site.

6. Cut the Fluff not the Content

A mobile site should give the mobile visitor what they need and not much more. It's all about finding the essence of your site.  However, that doesn't mean watering down the content.  Cut down the extraneous parts that can distract and confuse, keep the quality content that visitors seek. It can be a tricky balancing act but well worth the time and effort involved to keep your mobile visitors coming back for more.