5 Web Design Trends That Need to Go

Trends in all industries come and go, web design trends however, move at a particularly fast rate. What is in one year is gone the next. Changes may be due to new technologies or simply a change in taste. Unfortunately, those changing trends can leave your once trendy and cutting edge site looking out dated.

1. Large Banner Sliders on the Homepage

While they seem like a good idea to draw attention to important aspects of your site, or special deals, in reality they just aren’t that effective. Most visitors will simply ignore them, while those that do pay attention usually only click on the first slide. Sliders can also have negative implications for your SEO, so it’s best to simply avoid them and consider alternative solutions.

2. Autoplay Anything

Autoplay is an annoying feature to users. Videos and sound files should never be set to autoplay. This also includes any video or audio ads that you might have on your site. The mere sound of an autoplaying video will cause users to scramble to kill the offending tab without so much as looking at your content. Rich multimedia content is a fine addition to your site, and a great way to interact with your visitors, but only when visitors are given control of when they would like to play your content.

3. Mobile un-Friendly Sites

From responsive design, to adaptive design, to a mobile website, supporting mobile visitors is a MUST. More and more internet users are using their mobile devices to browse the internet. This trend isn’t going anywhere, if you do not give these users a great experience you will lose traffic and potential customers to your site. There are ways to support mobile visitors for every budget and need, there’s no reason not to support your mobile visitors.

4. Splash/Loading Pages

Splash/Loading pages server little purpose other than to annoy users. Today with more and more users on mobile devices websites must be designed to load quickly on any network and any devices. The longer it takes a page to load the more traffic (and potential customers) is lost. If an element will require a loading page you may want to take another look to see if it’s really necessary or if there is another way it can be presented to give your users a better experience. Additionally, if your splash or loading page uses Flash it will not be supported by any Apple mobile devices which will cut out the possibility of many visitors not even being able to use your content!

5. Popups and Overlays

Sure, they may get you more email sign ups, but that comes at a price. On mobile devices especially, most popups are hard to use, and even harder to close! Even users on desktop devices can be annoyed by popups. If you do decide to use them be sure to test them in mobile environments to ensure that they are usable by all of your site visitors and consider making them as unobtrusive as possible.

Staying on top of the ever changing trends of web design will help you keep your site presenting your brand in the best way possible while also giving your visitors and customers the simple and easy to use experience that they are looking for.  Are there any web design trends you would like to see go? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!